Judges Passes for the 2017 Amsterdam Unity Cup are now available from the Melkweg website. Melkweg website
Voting opens at 8.00am Sunday 19th November and closes 4.00pm Wednesday 22nd November. Local Time.
Visit our 'Vote' Page and enter your voting token (Issued along with your pass). You will see each of the strains entered and will need to mark each of the categories out of 5 stars. Your vote is stored once you enter it but can be changed at any time during the vote peroid. If you have not tried a strain, please do not enter any marks for it. You can change your vote as many times as is needed during the vote period.
You can edit your vote as many times as you need whilst the voting period is open. Your vote will only count once.
The vote is being independantly adjudicated by The Cannabis College
You should visit the Cannabis College, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 124, 1012 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 20 423 4420. Here you will receive your wristband and goodie bag.
All participating coffeeshops are listed under 'Participants' on our website, please visit the shop and enquire about the strains they are offering.
Please enquire with each shop. Each of the night time events will have merchandise available from the artists performing.
Winners will be announced at our awards event held at the Melkweg on the 22nd November.